Out-of-the-Box Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

Engaged Employees

Keeping your employees engaged at the office can be a difficult—but crucial—task. Increased employee engagement tends to mean improved performance, long-term commitment, and more efficient collaboration in general. Unfortunately, recent studies show that approximately 71% of workers consider themselves unengaged or uninspired at work.


As an employer, you can provide unique programs, perks, and communications for your employees to help keep them engaged, excited, and fulfilled at work.


Career Development

Career boredom is a common reason for employees to become disengaged. No matter the company, many employees end up feeling stuck in their current positions. To create motivation within your employees, establish more career positions so people can move higher, faster—in incremental steps, not big leaps. According to a recent study from Randstad, 58% of workers say there isn’t enough growth opportunity to drive retention.


Employees who are happy and feel professionally fulfilled tend to believe and support their company’s mission. Internal career development can help employees build a long-lasting, loyal relationship with their employer and become more encouraged to take on increasingly responsible roles.


In the same vein, educational/job-training programs can help prevent employee burnout, improve their well-being, and help them find meaning and fulfillment in their current positions.


Career resource centers, job and career-related conferences and seminars, mentoring, and innovative comprehensive training are all effective ways for you to help your employees understand exactly what is expected of them now and in the future. Your company’s HR department can develop this training based on what aspects of work your employees really value, and then cater to their needs.


Without career development opportunities, job satisfaction just isn’t enough to attract, retain, and engage employees long term.


Schedule Regular Updates

Take time to meet with each employee individually to create an open line of communication. Set realistic expectations of employees and observe their communication styles, then use that to create an environment that encourages employees to feel at ease so they can speak freely during your scheduled check-in meetings.


The meetings can be quick and simple, but they will increase positive engagement between employer and employee.


Give Quality Feedback

If you intend to schedule regular updates with employees, it’s also important to give quality feedback, rather than just obligatory standard information. The best employees want to continue to grow professionally and receiving recognition will keep employees motivated to do their best work.


Adopt a Cause

When your company has an important cause to support, it tends to boost workplace morale by helping employees feel like they’re making a difference in the community. Give your employees a handful of days off each year to volunteer, collect money for a reputable charity, or schedule charitable team bonding events. Any small act will help others and it will give your employees more reasons to feel connected to your company, keeping them engaged during work hours. Lastly, charitable giving also provides networking and marketing opportunities for every employee and your company as a whole.


It’s no secret that most people enjoy the occasional work perk. Perks and incentives can influence whether a potential employee takes a job at your company, the level of satisfaction and happiness of your current employees, and the likelihood they will stick around for the long haul.


Some companies offer big incentives, like gym membership reimbursement, pet insurance, or even tuition reimbursement—but expensive perks are not always an option for smaller companies. It’s important to ask employees what they want, rather than wasting time, energy, and resources providing perks they may not really want or need.


Another option would be to create incentive programs for high performing employees, complete with cash bonuses or other similar rewards. Perks and incentives show employees that you value and appreciate their work, giving them more motivation to succeed as well as keeping them engaged long term.


Implementing new and unique ways to keep your employees engaged will create a healthier work environment and continuously procure their best work. Visit the Clarity Benefit Solutions employers’ page to learn about how our services can simplify employee benefits at your company.




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