Clarity Benefit Connect

Clarity Benefit Connect provides a seamless and paper-free experience for employees using our FSA and HRA programs.



Clarity Benefit Connect automates the employee claim filing and card substantiation experience by linking insurance carriers directly to Clarity. Integration now makes it possible for employees to share their insurance claims history with designated third parties.  This significantly reduces or even eliminates the need for consumers to file claims and card substantiation paperwork.  The connection takes only a few minutes for an employee to set up and is available for both HRA’s and FSA’s.

Easy Use



Each Clarity consumer has the option to link our website with their insurance carrier portal via web authorization.  Once linked, Clarity Benefit Connect automatically retrieves any new insurance transactions (also known as Explanations of Benefits or EOB’s) issued by the insurance carrier.  Clarity then creates a claim and pays it or substantiates Clarity Benefit Card purchases.  It is a truly paperless process.



CLARITY Benefit Connect WILL:

  • Link FSA's and HRA's to insurance carrier(s)
  • Automatically reimburse employees for eligible claims
  • Automatically substantiate card swipes
  • Eliminate the need to send in receipts
  • Avoid card deactivation from substantiation concerns
  • Save consumers time
  • Increase satisfaction in consumer benefit plans
  • Increases participation in FSA plans


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