GoodCell Health Screenings

Clarity and GoodCell

Use FSA and HSA Funds to Get Actionable Insights Into Your Health from Goodcell Health Screenings 

A Simply Smarter way to Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years

Using funds from your FSA or HSA you can receive:



Intervening with Proactive Screening
GoodCell’s health screening provides a baseline of your biological markers to identify and track the greatest threats to your health, from cardiovascular disease to diabetes, and actions to avoid them.


Biobanking Your “Good” Cells
GoodCell extracts and stores your best cells (or “good cells”), plasma and DNA, allowing you to benefit from life-saving therapies as they become available as well as ongoing testing to track changes to your health over time.


Wayfinding With Your Genetics
GoodCell’s innovative approach to genetic testing benchmarks and maps your genetic risk to serious diseases over time, enabling early detection and action.


All It Takes Is One Simple Blood Draw





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