Clarity Benefit Solutions Portal Instructions

Below you will find instructions for performing a number of activities on our secure, single-sign-on Portal. From setting up your account to filing a claim and signing up for direct deposit, we have you covered. The "Login" link for the Portal can be found in the top right corner of our website.  

Additionally, here is a flyer to download and share these instructions with employees.


  • Select Login 
  • Click Register 
  • Select Participant or Administrator and click Next 
  • Complete the required fields

If you are a Clarity Participant, use the email you provided to your employer for your benefits. Zip code should be that of your home address. 


How to Log into THE PORTAL

  • Select Login 
  • Enter your Username and Password. Your Username will be your email.


How to Reset Your portal Password

  • Select Login 
  • Click Let Us Help
  • Select Forgot Password and enter your email address
  • Enter the One Time Passcode (OTP) that is sent to your email 
  • Enter your new password and click Submit


Download “Clarity Mobile” from either the Apple App Store or Google Play 

  • Click Sign Up and follow the prompts 

If you were issued a debit card, check that box. If not, leave it unchecked.


PDF Icon

View the Online Access and Mobile App Flyer 



Set up Benefitconnect

With BenefitConnect you can reduce the need to submit receipts.

  • Under Additional Resources click the BenefitConnect tile 
  • In the new window scroll to the bottom of the page and click Get Started Now
  • Choose your carrier (you can set up both medical and dental carriers) from the drop down list, or from the carriers listed at the bottom. (if you do not see your carrier listed, please contact us).

  • Provide the username and login you use to access your carrier’s secure site.

  • Agree to the terms listed and click Validate Credentials.


PDF Icon

View the BenefitConnect Flyer

Note: We assure you; Clarity does not collect or store your login credentials. We only ask for this information in order to connect your insurance carrier directly to your Clarity plan(s). This is the key to automating the claim filing and substantiation process for you.  Some insurance carriers dual authentication (Security Questions or a Text Message confirmation). In this case please be sure you have  Security Questions set up as the dual authentication option for your insurance carrier’s secure site.


Set up Direct Deposit

  • Click the Access Your Clarity Consumer Benefits tile under the Manage My Benefits tab  
  • Select your Name (top right of the page, next to profile silhouette) 
  • Select Edit (above Reimbursement Method) 
  • Select Direct Deposit, enter your banking information, check certification box and Save 

File a Claim

  • Click the Access Your Clarity Consumer Benefits tile under the Manage My Benefits tab  
  • Select the My Accounts tab
  • Select Submit a Benefit Account Summary and then select Submit Claim
  • Enter claim information (Start/End Date, Type, Claim Amount), select Next
  • Select Attach Claim Receipt and upload the Explanation of Benefits/receipt (receipt can be picture uploaded from smartphone)
  • Check the certification box and Submit your claim 



  • Click the Access Your Clarity Consumer Benefits tile under the Manage My Benefits tab 
  • In the new window, select the My Accounts  tab from the left-hand menu 
  • Select Transactions from the drop down