Cookies Notice

This Cookies Notice is incorporated by reference within that certain Privacy Notice applicable to the Clarity Benefit Solutions (“Clarity”) website to which this Cookies Notice is linked (the “Website”). For more information about how Clarity protects visitor information, please review the Privacy Notice which is located within the page footer of the Website. This Cookies Notice is intended to provide certain disclosures, but also to allow Website users to understand how cookies and similar technologies are used by Clarity. Cookies and similar technologies allow the Website to function more efficiently and also allow for Clarity to understand how visitors use the Website and which service offerings visitors may be interested in.

Cookies are short text files sent to a visitor’s browser by the Website. They help the Website remember information about the visit, which enhances the performance of the Website and makes the Website more useful for the visitor. Clarity uses only session cookies in connection with the Website. Session cookies expire and/or delete themselves automatically in a short period of time after the user leaves the Website or closes their browser. Clarity does not use persistent cookies, tracking cookies or third-party cookies. Only Clarity can access the session cookies and the session cookies are not used by or otherwise available to third-parties.

In addition to session cookies, Clarity uses certain related technologies such as UTM codes to track the origin of the Website visit. UTM codes are character strings that appear within a URL when a visitor moves from one page to another within the Website and which can identify which email campaign, referring page or advertisement directed the visitor to the Website.

By using the Website, you agree that Clarity can place session cookies on your computer or device as explained above. You can accept the use of such cookies by clicking the “Accept” button upon accessing the Website. If you do not accept the use of such cookies, you can disable cookies within your browser settings through the manage and control cookies options.