At Clarity Benefit Solutions we’ve created an offering that engages everyone – our clients, our brokers, and consumers – throughout the entire benefits lifecycle.


Active Engagement

Clarity Benefit Technology makes shopping for insurance plans fun and easy. Reduce administrative costs and manage compliance—all with one powerful benefits platform. 

Our benefits administration software platform provides employees with a customized enrollment experience, decision making support tools, and videos that take the guesswork out of benefit shopping and increase employee satisfaction. For our partners and clients, our cloud connects your benefit plans with your carriers while giving you year-round insights.  Everyone saves time and gains peace of mind through automating manual processes and ensuring benefit compliance.

Consumer Benefits

Debit Card

Clarity Consumer Benefits takes the complexity out of consumer benefit administration and compliance 

The cost of employee health benefits is rising at an exponential rate. As health care costs increase, more of the cost burden is being shared with consumers in the form of higher deductibles or reduced coverage. Clarity provides solutions that meet the need to control cost with the need to maintain employee satisfaction, attract, and retain talent. Clarity Consumer Benefits provides multiple solutions to help offset the increase in your employees’ out-of-pocket health care responsibilities. Clarity’s Flexible spending accounts (FSAs), commuter benefits, and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) will easily make health care affordable and increase consumer satisfaction. 

Ready For Life HSA

Easy Investments

Life happens.  We can help.  Ready For Life HSA is a revolutionary way to control costs and take care of employees.

Life wouldn’t be life without unexpected moments. So our HSA is built for the unpredictability that can come with high-deductible plans. With an on-demand, interest-free payroll advance to cover unexpected healthcare costs, employees aren’t just covered—they’re confident they can keep expenses under control.

Bringing Benefits into Focus
Learn how Clarity Benefit Solutions simplifies the entire benefits lifecycle for our partners and clients.