Employee Benefits Administration Solutions & Offerings That Meet All Your Needs

As experienced benefits providers and administrators, our full suite of programs and tools go above and beyond to help address the new realities in benefits, providing more value to your business. Our approach is simple, and our goal is to provide you clarity with benefit administration solutions that are simple to implement, simple to manage, and simple to use.

Introducing your all-in-one life benefits solution, Clarity Complete!



The Clarity Employee Benefits program takes the complexity out of consumer benefits administration and compliance.

The cost of employee health benefits is rising at an exponential rate. As health care costs increase, more of the cost burden is being shared with consumers in the form of higher deductibles or reduced coverage. Clarity provides solutions that meet the need to control cost with the need to maintain employee satisfaction, attract, and retain talent. We provide multiple solutions to help offset the increase in your employees’ out-of-pocket health care responsibilities. 

  • Clarity HSA
  • Clarity FSA
  • Clarity DCA
  • Clarity HRA
  • Clarity SmartRide
  • Clarity Wage Parity
  • Clarity Complete


  • Clarity COBRA
  • Clarity Direct Bill
  • Clarity ERISA
  • Clarity POP   



Clarity Benefit Solutions’ SimplyWell Lifestyle Spending Account gives you the flexibility to create personalized benefit programs for employees. A convenient Benefit Card makes it easy for them to spend on what matters most.

Clarity SimplyWell is a creative way to build a supportive culture and to attract, engage, and retain top talent. With a wide range of spending categories, from home office goods to fitness to education, or even pet care, you can offer lifestyle account benefits that are tailored to your unique workforce and business needs.

  • SimplyWell 




Simplify the entire employee benefits administration lifecycle with a platform that is highly configurable and designed to automate the entire HR, benefits, and payroll process. Choose from one of our trusted partners and offer a wider range of plan choices with more cost-effective options, all while reducing confusion around the administration of benefits.

  • Clarity + Employee Navigator
  • Clarity + bswift



Our simply smarter approach to employee benefits means you get:

  • Accelerated Funding
    Built for unpredictability, the Clarity HSA offers on-demand, interest-free payroll advances to cover unexpected healthcare costs, so employees aren’t just covered—they’re confident they can keep expenses under control.
  • More HSA Investment Options
    Employees can take advantage of multiple national banking partners and dozens of investment options to keep their HSA savings safe and growing. Through our secure portal, we provide employees an up-to-date list of the mutual funds offered as well as recent performance information for those funds. 
  • Flexible HRA Plan Design
    The Clarity HRA is built to be flexible—the dollar amount and payment schedule are customized to the individual plan. Clarity will work closely with you to determine the plan design that works best for your clients and their employees such as split copay HRAs. Then throughout the plan year, we provide online tools to monitor the effectiveness of the program.
  • Flexible Commute Options
    Clarity SmartRide gives employees money-saving options nationwide, allowing them to reduce their outlay for public transportation, parking, and even popular rideshare platforms like UberPool and Lyft Line. Employees also have the flexibility to start, stop or change their elections on a monthly basis and unused funds carry over from month to month. Clarity SmartRide can also integrate with benefits administration and payroll systems to allow participants the flexibility to make changes to their contributions throughout the year.
  • Automated COBRA Compliance
    COBRA requirements are much more complicated than many employers realize.  Violations cause costly penalties and liabilities. ERISA regulations also now allow for personal liability to be imposed on the employer for COBRA violations.  Our web-based solution integrates with most payroll and benefit administration platforms, automating required notifications and minimizing the risk of penalties.
  • Simplified Benefit Administration
    Benefit administration is streamlined from start to finish. We leverage the power of two platforms to allow you to customize your solution to the needs of the client. Whether you have a 50-life group or a 50k life group, we can handle whatever comes our way. 
  • Cost Saving Benefits Compliance
    Clarity is here to do the heavy lifting for you, helping to minimize risk with expert support, innovative benefits administration software, and a 24/7 compliance portal. Our support and technology can help you avoid costly penalties, which might range from $110 to more than $2,194 for every day a single plan is in violation.
  • Automated Documentation
    We automate the creation of your wrap plan document and summary plan description (SPD) so you have a single, up-to-date source document for all benefit plans subject to ERISA.
  • Easy Reimbursement
    With the Clarity Benefit Card, mobile app, and online bill pay.
  • Clarity Benefit Card
    The Clarity Benefit Card gives employees easy access to all of their Clarity accounts by swiping the card at the point of sale. The card can be used at any qualified service provider that accepts MasterCard. The Clarity Benefit card is also programmed to work anywhere you pay for mass transit, parking, or rideshare programs. These solutions are available however and whenever you want them with 24/7 web and mobile access.



From day one, you have the support of dedicated specialists who can answer your questions and guide you through your benefit choices and implementation options so your clients can make the best decision for their company. Throughout every stage of our partnership and for every solution we offer, we deliver Clarity to your benefit program.

Bringing Benefits into Focus
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