Clarity Employee Benefits Administration Solutions & Technology

We’ve replaced frustration with innovation with our Benefits Administration Technology and resources.

Simplify the entire employee benefits administration lifecycle with a platform that is highly configurable and designed to automate the entire HR, benefits administration, and payroll process. Benefit enrollment and education has never been easier than with our automated communication, decision support tools, and compliance support. Plus, employees enjoy a wider range of plan choices with more cost-effective options in our national employee benefits administration platform, all while reducing confusion around benefits.




Connecting everyone with one easy BENEFIT ADMINISTRATION solution

Technology that empowers

BENEFIT Technology that empowers

Employees can view and compare multiple plans in one place, then select and enroll in the benefits that best suit their needs right from their home.


Caring Customer Service

Service teams that care

When people need help, our team of knowledgeable benefits and health insurance professionals are ever ready to provide expert customer service, industry insights, and best practices. We help keep your employee benefits administration process running smoothly.


Offer the benefit plans that fit your organization

  • Provide employees with a complete benefits package allowing them to stay healthy, engaged, and informed by enrolling online.
  • Manage complex eligibility rules, costing calculations, and benefit compliance with straightforward tools and dashboards.
  • Connect seamlessly with your insurance carriers, payroll company, and other third-party vendors.
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ACA Compliance



Offload the burden and stress of managing ACA Compliance on your own with our automated solutions.

  • Manage complex hours tracking and eligibility rules.
  • Populate, prepare, and file the mandatory 1094 and 1095 reports.
  • Calculate affordability based on IRS safe harbor rules.
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Reduce costs & paperwork. Increase compliance.

  • Eliminates hours of tedious paperwork
  • Integrates data and systems to reduce costs and wasted time
  • Offers better, more affordable benefits to employers and their workforce
  • Facilitates compliance with the ever-changing demands of the ACA 
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