Clarity Complete

Fully Integrated, Flexible Benefit Administration & Compliance.

The Ultimate End-to-End Employee Benefit Solution

Our newest product offers fully integrated and flexible benefits administration and compliance with seamless connections to insurance carriers, payroll companies, and Consumer Directed Plan benefits like HSA, FSA, DCA, HRA, and more.

Complete Benefits for Complete Employee Satisfaction.

It’s simple to implement, simple to manage, and simple to use. Our flexible benefit administration is the complete package you’ve been looking for.

Complete Administration

  • Eligibility Management
  • Streamlined Enrollment
  • Dedicated Service Center
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics
  • Self-Serve Platform and App for Employees
  • Seamless Carrier and Payroll Integrations

Complete Compliance

  • ACA
  • POP
Complete Compliance

Complete Benefits

  • Seamless Insurance Carrier Integrations
  • Retirement Account Synchronization
  • HSA, FSA, and HRA Solutions
  • Parking and Transit Solutions
  • Lifestyle Accounts: Coming soon
Complete Benefits

What’s Included with Clarity Complete


Enrollment & Eligibility 
Manage complex eligibility rules, costing calculations, and benefit compliance with straightforward tools and dashboards.

Enrollment Self-Serve 
Provide employees with a complete benefits package allowing them to stay healthy, engaged, and informed by enrolling online. Allow employees to easily view and compare multiple plans in one place, select and enroll in the benefits that best suit their needs right from their home, direct connection to manage their benefits, access to educational resources.

ACA Compliance 
Offload the burden and stress of ACA reporting and form processing, 5500 filing, non-discrimination testing and more with our automated solutions.

Wrap Documentation Clarity is here to do the heavy ERISA compliance lifting for you, helping to minimize risk with expert support, innovative software and a 24/7 compliance portal.

Premium Only Plan Documentation 
We will prepare your POP documentation and provide discrimination testing.

Consumer Directed Plans including HSA, FSA and HRA 
With this solution you will have the ability to provide your employees multiple employee benefit plans to help offset the out-of-pocket health care responsibilities.

With a wide range of spending categories, from home office goods to fitness to education, or even pet care, you can offer a benefit that is tailored to your unique workforce and business needs.

Parking and Transit 
Our SmartRide commuter solution is also included. Clarity SmartRide gives employees money-saving options in hundreds of cities, allowing them to save on public transportation, parking, and even popular rideshare platforms like UberPool and Lyft Line.

With our COBRA administration & compliance solution you will be able to mitigate risk, contain health care expenses and relieve your administrative workload. We streamline compliance with automated notifications, employee billing, and 24/7 access.

Easy-to-Use Admin Platform 
Monitor employee participation and activity with real-time reporting and analytics tools. Fast and easy dashboard reporting.

Self-Serve Platform and App for Employees 
Give employees 24/7 access to claims, balances, transaction history; online claims submission, direct-deposit reimbursement, and MasterCard debit card for convenient point-of-service payments.

Billing & Reporting 
Web-based tools for benefits billing and financial reporting to deliver reconciled bills that are easily reportable by division, location, carrier, and more

Easy Integrations 
Our partnerships with top Payroll Firms, Benefits Enrollment and Administration Providers, HCMs etc., mean you have reduced administrative work, free file feed connectivity, reduced errors and less hassle for employees.

In-house File Department 
Clarity’s in-house Data Integration Team has the expertise to enable seamless connections between clients and payroll providers, benefit administrators, insurance carriers and other HR solutions providers, making benefits administration much easier and much more efficient.


How it Works



You’ll have one point of contact for implementation who will work with you to gather all necessary requirements including demographic, benefit and payroll information and set up your enrollment platform and plans.  


Roll Out

We will work with you to ensure you have all the materials needed to communicate your new plans to your employees. And our administration system will walk employees step-by-step through their enrollment.



You will receive dedicated hands-on support from the same contact you work with during the implementation of our benefit compliance. This contact will be backed by a team of Clarity Complete experts. Call or chat with your contact during business hours and submit tickets for anything that comes up–nights or weekends.








What Makes Our All-in-One Solution Different?



  • Cutting-edge Benefit Platform
  • End-User Focus
  • Better Banking Options
  • Automated Administration
  • Self-serve Implementation and Renewal
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Automated Claim Substantiation
  • Simplified Participant Experience through online portal and mobile app
  • Educational Support
  • Mobile Pay and Contactless Card Options
  • Easy Integration


  • Dedicated Service
  • Proven World-class Service Rating
  • Experienced Team
  • Nationwide Support
  • Phone, text and chat support
  • State-of-the-art Quality Monitoring 


  • Accelerated Funding
  • More HSA Investment Options
  • Flexible HRA Plan Design
  • Flexible Commute Options
  • Automated COBRA Compliance
  • Simplified Benefit Administration
  • Cost Saving Compliance
  • Automated Documentation
  • Easy Reimbursement
  • Clarity Benefit Card
How We Make it Easy
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Customer Support

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Multilingual Staff

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Online Enrollment



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