Back to Basics: Do Your Employee Benefit Plans Check These Essential Boxes?

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It’s easy to get caught up in the intricacies and details of your employee benefits plan. When that happens, sometimes the basics can fall through the cracks -- leaving more concerns and work to do than before.

So let’s go back to the basics. Take a look at your current benefits offerings and see if they check these essential boxes:

Is Your Benefits Administration Simple?

The way you approach your benefits administration should make your job more simple, not more complicated. Being able to run reports, organize documents and ensure compliance is not a luxury but rather a standard practice you should accomplish easily.

Complicated administrative tasks can often lead to compliance pitfalls, missed deadlines and other potentially disastrous HR consequences. Streamlined and simple, on the other hand, free up time and take the stress out of the situation.

Are You Utilizing Technology for Better Engagement?

Having benefits plans centered around technology is a great way to boost engagement and confidence for your employees and staff. If mobile apps, on-demand resources and cloud-based applications, your employees are more likely to make the most out of their benefits experience.

Are Your Plan Options Personalized and Customizable?

In recent months, we’ve spoken a lot about the need for personalized and customizable benefits, especially as people have reassessed their needs due to COVID-19. With how unpredictable life can be, especially in times of hardship or struggle, personalized and flexible benefits can help ensure that each person is covered - whatever that means for them.

Are You Providing Benefits Your Employees Actually Want?

What’s the motivation behind your offerings? Did you select benefits based on “how it’s always been done” or based on what your employees truly want? If you haven’t updated your plan options in a while, it may be wise to take a good hard look at them and make sure they are really serving your employees’ needs.

While basics like health insurance and retirement savings plans will go a long way, be sure to have flexible benefits that meet a wide range of needs, like commuter plans, dependent care accounts, health savings accounts and more. If you’re unsure of which benefits to add to best meet your employees’ needs, ramp up communication through surveys and face-to-face meetings to find out.

Are You Supported Every Step of the Way?

Are you backed by a world-class team of experts that can assist you in preparing your employees for life? It may feel overwhelming to handle all aspects of benefits administration on your own, but you don’t have to. Partnering with the right team of experts means you’ll always have the support you need to help your employees get the coverage they need and be overall more satisfied with their employment.

Don’t leave any box unchecked

If your current plans leave any of these boxes unchecked, it may be time to upgrade to a better experience. The team at Clarity Benefit Solutions is here to help, with award-winning support and service personnel ready to listen to your current situation and help you check more boxes.