Bring Simplicity and Organization to Your Space with These Tips


Organized closet space

We all have that one friend who takes color-coded storage bins to the next level. Or maybe an officemate who puts the label maker out of business at work. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with being extremely detail-oriented, for many of us that level of organization can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to organizing the most crucial spaces in your life like your workspace, or the special spots in your home that are a retreat from your busy day-to-day activities. 

The bright side? We’ve made an easy-to-follow list on how to simplify your home to help you with the process of simplifying your space! Sounds… simple, right?

The first thing to keep in mind is that your goal shouldn’t be to simplify your entire house or office in a single afternoon. The best plan is to develop a simple system that’s easy to start and maintain. Then, start working through your spaces one-by-one. 

Here are some pro organize tips to help you begin simplifying your home and organizing your space.

  1. Start Small

Because we all need to hear this… you don’t have to “do it all.” What often stops us from achieving or even starting to work toward our goals is the anxiety and stress of tackling it all at once. Trying to complete everything in one day is unrealistic and can be just as overwhelming as the clutter itself. Heck, even a week may be too fast - go at a pace that’s right for you. It’s okay to start with a small area or even a single drawer. Once you’ve chosen your starting space, build a system that works for you. If emptying the space and starting from scratch is your jam, it’s the perfect way to start!

  1. Declutter

You chose the space and how you want to approach it–great job! Now’s the time to declutter. Consider each item in the space and determine which ones to keep and which ones to throw out or donate. Having a hard time separating from certain items? Create a “maybe” box for items you want to consider one last time before making a final decision. By decluttering, it’s much easier to simplify your space as there are fewer items that need to be organized. 

  1. Organize

Now that you have the items you know you want to keep within the space, let’s organize! Organizing can be as simple as giving each item a dedicated spot (and if you want to break out the color-coded tabs and labels–we won’t judge). When choosing where to place your possessions, consider the purpose of the space and your lifestyle. If you’re starting with your workspace, intentionally think about how you work. What will be the most accessible and attainable locations for you to stay productive and stress-free? When your possessions have a specific location, you not only ensure your space is clean and organized, but you also form habits of maintenance.

  1. Maintain

Now it’s time to put those new habits to good use. Once you have your space exactly how you like it, and you’ve given yourself time to adjust to the change, make an effort to maintain it. If it’s a shared space, it’s important to encourage your family or coworkers to declutter and organize their spaces to help you in your simplicity journey. Promoting a culture of simplicity in your home or workplace can help sustain the hard work you put into organizing it. Want to add some fun? Start a “declutter challenge” for your family or officemates. It’s a great way to incite those who are… less than enthusiastic about organization.

While it’s certainly not realistic to achieve a completely stress-free life, there are so many easy actions you can take to simplify the spaces you use and make them stress-free and feel-good places to be. Whether you want a perfectly organized closet or just want to spruce up your desk, taking small steps to declutter, organize, and maintain your space can create the habits you need to live simply.

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