National Child Health Day: The Importance of Dependent Care Quality

Child Health Day: The Importance of Dependent Care Quality

National Child Health Day occurs the first Monday in October and raises awareness about the importance of protecting and developing the health of our children. It also serves as a perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of quality dependent care and its impact on child development and health.

Whether through a daycare center or a caregiver, the quality of care is extremely important for the child’s health and development. Here’s why.

How Quality Dependent Care Impacts Child Development and Health

Many of us might think about height and weight when it comes to child health. However, it’s more than just physical growth. It also includes cognitive, social and emotional health and development.

From the time they’re born, a child’s brain develops through interactions and everyday experiences. In fact, a child’s brain develops more than any other time in their life from birth to age 5. This is why the quality of the care they receive is so important. The relationships children have with the adults in their lives have a major influence on them and caring, dependable adults are vital to healthy development. Most of the time, these relationships begin with their parents but also include caregivers and childcare providers.

How Can Help Your Employees Give Their Dependents Quality Care?

Quality, affordable childcare encourages healthy development of children and allows your employees to come to work knowing their children are cared for. However, finding childcare is not always easy for working parents – especially during the pandemic. According to a national survey of 2,500 working parents, 63% had difficulty finding childcare.

Childcare affects how your employees work and their ability to work. Employers that provide quality childcare stand out amongst their competition and also increase employee retention.  With many employees prioritizing benefits offerings that help them care for the people who matter most, offering a dependent care plan for employees is extremely valuable.

Dependent care plans give employees the option to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible dependent care expenses such as:

  • Daycare
  • Day-camp
  • Home care
  • Nursing aides
  • Nanny services

Any employer can decide to offer it to their employees. At the beginning of the year, the employee estimates their annual out-of-pocket expenses for their dependents. The money elected is automatically deducted from his gross pay before federal, Social Security, state, and local taxes are withheld. 

These accounts are a great way for employees to save money on the expenses they are undertaking as well as ensure that all costs are accounted for through either reimbursements or the use of a dedicated debit card.

Help Your Employees Care for Their People a Clarity DCA

Quality childcare is extremely important for your employees who have young children at home. Not only does it support healthy child development, but it also helps your employees feel safe and secure knowing their children are cared for while they’re at work. Visit our website to learn how you can offer your employees quality childcare for their dependents with a Clarity Dependent Care Account (DCA).