Five Tips for Next Generation Brokers

In a highly competitive marketplace, brokers who want to survive, and thrive, need to look at new and innovative ways to be an expert in business. Content marketing is a newer method of looking at business, and next generation brokers should be aware of the ins-and-outs of this strategy. Here are four content marketing tips to get started.

Build a brand. Next generation brokers need to build a brand. This starts with establishing an online presence. Create a user-friendly website that serves to educate current—and potential—customers. Share tips and tricks, case studies, webinars, articles, white papers, blogs, and videos. Take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. Be sure to cross-post valuable information. 

Showcase your expertise. Once a brand has been established, take the time to promote a particular expertise or specialty that separates you from your competition. Relay this area of expertise in a number of formats—and drive this point home often!

Practice solid SEO. Those next generation brokers that have mastered the art of an established, informative web presence will be noticed by a variety of search engines. Current and potential customers will find this information, and either share it or link to it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is probably the single most important content strategy to master in these times and is a surefire method to gain new clients.

Use an online platform. Brokers who use an online platform to conduct business are not only automating all processes, saving both time and money; they can also give their customers access to a national network of providers via their mobile devices, as well. Studies show that more and more people are using their smart phones over their desktops for insurance-related matters.

Foster client trust. Practicing the aforementioned strategies will help to make next generation brokers a sought-after resource. Not only will clients continue to access the valuable information these brokers provide whenever they encounter a challenge or have a question, they will most likely recommend their expert services!