Five Ways to Maximize Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged—and motivated—can pose a challenge. A happy, satisfied employee will be dedicated to his or her job and be more productive. Clarity Benefit Solutions shares five strategies employers can utilize to maximize employee engagement.

  1. Keep the lines of communication open. With the advancement of technology, there’s no excuse not to effectively communicate with employees. Emails and newsletters can keep employees apprised of your company’s latest happenings. However, do not let technology take away from “facetime.” Have regular meetings, and encourage employees to ask questions at the meeting’s end to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Establish a clear mission statement. Make sure all employees fully comprehend what the company’s vision is, and how important their role is in the company’s success. 
  3. Treat employees with respect. This is vital to creating a positive work environment. Listening to employees’ concerns and providing support will reinforce that they are a valuable part of the team—and keep them engaged. Admitting mistakes and apologizing for those mistakes will also earn their respect and appreciation.
  4. Give feedback. It is important to offer both positive feedback and constructive criticism often—not just at review time. Perhaps a quick weekly or bi-weekly meeting or email exchange with each employee to ensure the employee is on-task and happy with his or her job.
  5. Have some fun. Adopt the adage “Work hard, play hard!” When someone truly enjoys his or her job, it will show. Squeeze some occasional fun in the workweek. Have a themed lunch in the company cafeteria or throw a company party or picnic. Simply smiling throughout the workday will likely keep employees more engaged!

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