How To Increase Employee Engagement Through Benefits Technology


With the majority of the workforce shifting to a remote/hybrid work model, it’s important that employers are offering benefits that resonate with their employees. Having online portals, mobile apps and support chats are all tools that can help keep employees engaged. Here are some ways benefits technology can increase employee engagement.

Create a personalized experience

Technology has given employers insight into key data and trends to help them make smart decisions regarding their benefit offerings. Employers can analyze what benefits are being utilized the most or least, the demographics of employees most likely to participate in certain benefits and even what parts of the enrollment process employees have trouble with. This helps employers craft personalized offerings that are cost-efficient and truly meet the needs of their employees. As a result, employers are able to provide employees with a complete benefits package that helps them stay healthy, informed and engaged.

Streamline communication

Benefits technology allows for instant communication. All conversations occur and live in one centralized place. This makes communication easy for employees and HR professionals. Additionally, decision-support tools can take the place of many conversations about different options that best suit individuals’ needs. Employees can ask questions directly through the platform or seek additional assistance from HR. This provides an overall more interactive experience.

Simplify daunting tasks 

Sometimes employees can feel overwhelmed or experience decision fatigue when they are faced with a lot of options. Benefits technology simplifies benefit selection by guiding employees through the decision process. Employees can see options, compare plans and have guidance throughout the entire enrollment process. 

Technology makes the process simpler than ever; organizations that are struggling to increase participation and engagement in benefits programs should consider a software platform for that reason.

Benefit technology that transforms

Benefits can be confusing. However, the right technology can help make managing and selecting benefits simple. Our online portal makes it easy for your employees to manage their accounts.  Employees can view their balance and transaction history, submit a claim, see important messages, and even sign up for other features like BenefitConnect to minimize the need to send in receipts.

Contact us today to learn how our technology can help simplify benefits and increase engagement among your employees.