How to Streamline Your Benefits Administration with a Partnership Mindset

employees talking about benefit administration


Managing your organization’s benefit offerings is no easy task. Between juggling the number of employees, turnover and keeping up with year-to-year regulation changes, it’s easy to feel swept up in a whirlwind of benefit nuances. Luckily, a simple solution exists that can help. Try approaching benefit solutions from a “partnership mindset.”

There are several benefits to partnering with a benefits administrator. A benefits administration partnership can help you consolidate your benefits administration into one company, so you have fewer relationships to manage. Plus, you’ll enjoy a trusted relationship that gives you more time to focus on your organization’s strategic goals.

While we can think of dozens of benefits of partnership, discover these top 5 advantages you’re sure to enjoy!


Top 5 Advantages of Streamlining Benefits Administration

Added Time in Your Day

By working with a benefits company that can administer all of your offerings in one place, you’ll save time by having fewer partnerships to manage and less paperwork to complete. You’ll also save time in the employee onboarding process by having fewer interfaces to train employees to use. Having all of your benefits in one place also makes the process simpler if/when employees leave your organization.

Improved Communication and Accountability

By streamlining benefits administration, you can more easily communicate the value of your benefits, helping ensure accountability. When one company houses all or most of your benefits, you’ll generally have one point of contact who can assist with an array of topics. This dramatically increases productivity as lines of communication are clear and less complicated than coordinating with a different vendor for each of your benefits.

Less Stress for You

With everything on your plate, you can have added peace of mind knowing your organization’s benefits are all managed from a singular source, making approvals and reimbursements a breeze. Plus, having the added support of your benefits administration partner means you’ll enjoy an easier Open Enrollment season, new employee onboarding and/or employee transitions.

Less Stress for your Employees

Benefits can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out in the workforce or have limited knowledge of the processes. When you choose one company to manage your benefits, your employees will benefit from the ease of having all of their benefits in one easy-to-use interface, helping them take the guesswork out of benefit navigation. One log in. One number to call. One simplified user experience that decreases stress and makes their lives easier.

Improved Organizational Culture and Morale

Corporate culture and company morale can be improved by offering your employees additional benefits. By giving employees everything they need to be “ready for life,” employees can develop more trust in you as their employer and thus will be more productive knowing their benefits needs are being properly met. This not only benefits your current employees but attracts top talent in your field who are looking for a thoughtful organizational culture with comprehensive benefit offerings that are easy to use.


How can Clarity assist?

At Clarity, we believe that life is a journey; one that should be lived well. Our goal has been the same for over 30 years: help brokers, clients and their employees navigate the challenging world of benefits by providing simple and reliable solutions.

From employee benefits to compliance, wellness programs and general administration, our Simply Smarter approach to benefits offers technology that empowers and a service team that truly cares. Take a look at just a few of our solutions that can significantly streamline your benefits administration.

In today’s new work environment, it's so important to stay agile and up-to-date on the latest trends that power our industries. Streamlining your benefits administration through partnership can add value to your organization, create peace of mind for your employees and take a significant weight off your shoulders. 

If you’d like to see what a benefits administration partnership with Clarity looks like, or if you’d like to assess your current partnership, reach out to us! Clarity is available to assist no matter how your current benefit plans may be structured. Together we can develop a plan to start streamlining your organization’s benefits today!