Linda Spitale Named a 2020 Digi-Tech Innovator of the Year

NEW YORK, November 9, 2020 - Clarity Benefit Solutions, a leading provider of consumer benefit technology, today announced that Linda Spitale, Clarity Benefit Solutions Vice President of Technology Initiatives, has been selected by NJBIZ as a winner of the Digi-Tech Innovators Awards. This award showcases individuals who introduced significant innovations in the technology and digital space that contributed significantly to their organizations' productivity and performance.

"Linda has dedicated over 20 years to Clarity Benefit Solutions and has ensured Clarity is constantly able to find new ways to bridge the gap between technology and innovation," said Bill Catuzzi, founder and chief executive officer, Clarity Benefit Solutions. "She knows how to meet the goals of our company in the simplest ways. She is constantly learning about new technologies in our space and understands how to apply them to meet our customers' specific needs. Her efforts contribute directly to the success of Clarity."

This year alone, Linda and her team have implemented innovative technology solutions that have directly contributed to increased productivity, improvements in customer service and enhancements in the way our customers access their Clarity benefits. Proof of this can be seen in Clarity's recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 55. This score measures customers' willingness to recommend Clarity product or service to others. Clarity's NPS not only classifies the organization as a world-class service provider but is also 3 times higher than the industry average of 14.

From improving integrations and streamlining processes to finding out of the box solutions for everyday technology problems, Linda has significantly increased Clarity's productivity and performance.

Linda and the other Digi-Tech Innovators Award Honorees will be recognized in the November 30 issue of NJBIZ.


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