Low-Cost Workplace Benefits Beyond Healthcare

employees happy with their healthcare benefits

Quality healthcare benefits are critical components employees look for from an employer. A comprehensive healthcare package can make the difference between a candidate choosing to apply for a job or an employee choosing to stay at a job. Benefits are even more critical in times of economic uncertainty when employees want to know that they are covered in the event of the unexpected.

While healthcare will continue to be a determining factor as the workforce evolves, there are newer non-healthcare-related benefits that have a significant impact on employee happiness, retention, recruiting and culture.

Let’s explore a few low-cost benefits that can complement your current offerings and motivate employees.


Non-Healthcare Benefits Employees Love

In a 2022 SHRM survey, over 70% of employed individuals who were eligible for benefits agreed that they were more likely to work for an employer that offered employee-paid voluntary benefits that went beyond traditional medical coverage. Shifts in employment desires caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic have led many employees to have a wider range of priorities.

For example, many young people want a fully-remote work schedule–having enjoyed the “work-from-home” benefits they experienced during the pandemic. On the other hand, many first-time employees fresh out of college are craving the interaction and collaboration of in-person work after having to finish their studies remotely.

Regardless of where and how they choose to work, one thing is evident. In today’s workforce, employees desire benefits that go beyond the traditional. Some supplemental benefits to consider include:

  • Flexible working hours 
  • Wellness programs 
  • On-the-job learning opportunities
  • Training and professional development 
  • Paid volunteer days 
  • Culture and corporate events 
  • Comfortable and positive physical work environment
  • Tuition reimbursement/Student Loan assistance
  • Pet care
  • And many more!

These low-cost benefits can help expand your offerings and make your organization more attractive to prospective employees.


Advantages of Offering Supplemental Benefits

Employees recognize that while working is an essential part of life, they also have the power to choose the employer that’s best for them. They want to leverage quality benefits in a healthy work environment that fosters not only their professional growth but their personal and emotional development.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy workplace provides physical, psychological, social and organizational conditions that protect and promote the health and safety of all workers of a company. At Clarity, we like to believe that a healthy work environment is one that respects a true work-life balance, no matter how that may vary from one employee to the next.

When an organization has cracked the code on establishing a healthy workplace, the advantages can truly transform not only your company, but the lives of your employees!

For example, healthy workplaces can inspire: 

  • Happier employees
  • Lower turnover
  • Increased engagement 
  • Lower absenteeism rates 
  • Better morale 
  • More job satisfaction
  • Quicker conflict resolution

Benefit packages that go beyond the traditional healthcare and financial coverage are not only desired by employees but help promote a healthy workplace culturally, mentally and physically.


Evolved Benefits Lead to an Evolved Culture

Workplace culture has often been described as the feeling employees have about their job the Sunday night before the workweek. Are they happy to start another week of work? Or are they dreading the thought of having to return?

Essential healthcare benefits combined with convenient supplemental benefits make for an amazing workplace culture your employees can celebrate and be proud of. When an employee knows that their employer takes their healthcare, personal wellness and professional development seriously, they are more likely to be happy in all areas of life.

This Open Enrollment season, be sure to explore Clarity’s full suite of benefit solutions. Optimizing your benefit offerings can help you ensure you’re providing a comprehensive “whole-health” package to your employees which will enhance your organization’s culture!