National App Day: Apps Make the World Go Round

national app day

Did you know people spend an average of 4.2 hours a day using apps on their smartphones? That’s almost 30 hours a week! 

Apps play a pivotal role in our everyday lives. Whether they’re for entertainment or business, mobile apps give us quick and easy access to a number of tools and information. In honor of National App Day tomorrow, let us learn more about apps and some of the benefits these tools have on our daily lives.

Enjoy convenience and ease of use

One of the biggest benefits of today’s apps is convenience. Mobile apps give us the ability to access information, resources and tools all from our smartphones. For example, the Clarity Mobile App lets users manage their benefits offerings, update account information, access educational resources, contact support and submit health insurance claims–anytime, anywhere all from their mobile device.

Stay in the know with real-time alerts

Most apps send us real-time alerts to inform us of any updates or changes. This helps us quickly access information and respond to any changes accordingly. For example, the Clarity Mobile App notifies users when changes have been made to their accounts and coverage. This ensures they are aware of changes to their account as soon as it happens.

Utilize data-driven insights and tools to make informed decisions

Many apps offer unique tools that help us make more informed decisions. For example, the Clarity Mobile App includes a personalized Smart Score that provides insight into where to spend and save healthcare dollars. It also gives users cost and quality insights that allow them better search for procedures and providers.

View your account information from a single access point

Apps also provide users with a single access point for information. For example, the Clarity Mobile app allows users to view:

  • Account balances and details
  • Account activity 
  • Dependents
  • Card details
  • Uploaded claims
  • Receipts
  • Health plans
  • And much more!

Having a single access point for your information makes it easy to stay organized and view your information whenever you need it.

Take the guesswork out of healthcare benefits with the Clarity Mobile App

With National App Day coming up, it's important to recognize how these tools can benefit us. Clarity makes it simple to manage your accounts with our easy-to-use online portal and mobile app. In your portal, you can view your balance and transaction history, submit a claim, see important messages, and even sign up for BenefitConnect to minimize the need to send in receipts. Contact us today to learn more.