National Technology Day: Our Top 3 Disruptive Technologies in Employee Benefits

employee benefit technology

Technology plays a major role in the workplace. It gives us the ability to streamline repetitive tasks, increases employee productivity, improves customer service and keeps us connected. In honor of National Technology Day, here’s a list of our top three disruptive technologies in employee benefits.

1. Automation

Having the ability to automate HR processes is extremely valuable. Whether it’s HR, benefits, payroll, communication or compliance, automating these processes frees up valuable resources for strategic initiatives. 

However, it’s not just HR that benefits from automation. Employers that choose to incorporate automated technology for benefits can increase employee productivity. For example, Clarity BenefitConnect automates the employee claim filing and card substantiation experience by linking insurance carriers directly. This significantly reduces or even eliminates the need for employees to file a claim and card substantiation paperwork - and makes it easier for them to manage their healthcare expenses.

2. Data-driven insights for recommended benefit options

Technology empowers individuals to have experiences analyzing, evaluating and deciding on benefits programs that best fit their needs. A solution that gives insight into key data and trends helps employees make smart decisions regarding their benefit offerings. As a result, employees can choose a complete benefits package that helps them stay healthy, informed and engaged.

3. Cloud-based administration solutions

Employee benefits solutions are available 24/7 with web and mobile access thanks to cloud-based technology. This keeps employers and employees informed with easy, real-time access to benefits data. For example, our benefits administration technology lets employees view and compare multiple plans in one place, then select and enroll in the benefits that best suit their needs–right from their home.

Benefit technology that transforms

We understand benefits are confusing. That’s why we utilize technology to help simplify the benefits process. Our full suite of programs and tools are simple to manage, simple to use and simple to implement. They go above and beyond to help address the new realities in benefits and work to provide more value to your business.