Top 3 Technology Trends to Decrease and Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Top 3 technology trends to decrease stress in the workplace

Did you know that 83 percent of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress? In fact, work-related stress causes around one million employees to miss work every day. Several studies show that the workplace is a major source of stress for many American adults. While the sources of workplace stress vary from employee to employee, poor planning, lack of focus and lack of resources are three major contributors. 

Constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work can lead to employee burnout. The more stressed employees are, the less productive they are in and outside of the workplace. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce stress at work, as there is technology that can help streamline and simplify time-consuming tasks. This can help employees feel more fulfilled and help reduce the risks of stress and burnout in the workplace. With April being Stress Awareness Month, here are three technology trends and strategies for managing stress that can help your clients decrease stress in the workplace, prevent employee burnout and improve employee well-being.

1. Use technology to give employees access to virtual wellness classes

Following the pandemic, employee health and wellness have become a top priority for many organizations and businesses. Many companies have incorporated virtual health programs that focus on employee well-being and improved mental health. Some of these virtual health programs include mindfulness sessions, meditation classes and even yoga classes.

2. Use project management tools to control and monitor employee workload

Did you know heavy workload is a main contributor to work-related stress? Tech resources like project management tools typically categorize tasks in to-do lists that help employees easily evaluate and prioritize their tasks. Project management technology can also help eliminate the anxiety that comes with complex workflows and processes because it helps visualize specific tasks and creates a clear plan of action to meet deadlines. Additionally, this technology gives senior-level employees and managers insight into employee workloads to make sure they are manageable and not overbearing.

3. Streamline and speed up complicated processes with automation

Having the ability to automate processes is extremely valuable for any business. Whether it’s Human Resources (HR), benefits, payroll, communication or compliance, automating complex processes takes the burden off employees and frees up their time for more strategic initiatives. This can help employees feel more fulfilled because they are making good use of their time.

When it comes to employee benefits, for example, the Clarity Portal makes it easy for employers to automatically submit claims and save time. Our portal also includes several other technology solutions that help employers:

  • Eliminate redundant data entry—we automatically update carriers, payroll providers and third-parties.
  • Go paperless—our online enrollment capabilities make heavy paper stacks disappear.
  • Automate COBRA compliance—each stage of the benefits lifecycle is automated.
  • Access reports 24/7—our portal makes reports (billing, census, etc.) easily accessible so employers can get the data they need, when they need it.
  • Communicate efficiently—with our portal, employers can easily send segmented and mass communications at the touch of a button.

Using automated technology, like the Clarity Portal, simplifies tasks and helps reduce some of the stress that comes with an unmanageable workload.

Help your clients manage and reduce stress at work with technology that transforms

There’s no doubt technology can simplify redundant tasks and complex processes that often cause some stress in the workplace. At Clarity, we consistently focus on providing our clients with meaningful solutions that simplify their lives. Our technology is designed to take the frustration out of employee benefits so our customers can focus on their health and their business. 

Contact us today to learn how our benefit technology can help with managing stress and eliminate some of the stress in the workplace and transform your clients’ business.