What is the Simplicity Challenge Craze?

Have you ever participated in a short-term fitness or lifestyle challenge? One that was the “craze” of all your friends, coworkers as well as every social media channel? One that asked you to jump through hoops, consumed a bunch of your time but maybe didn’t make much of a change in your life? We've all been there!

One of the biggest benefits of these lifestyle challenges is that by sharing them with friends at the office or on social media, you stay accountable to complete them. Friendly competition helps develop a healthy habit long after the challenge is completed.

And a little competition might not be a bad thing considering research suggests that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit. If you’re busy like us, you know that the key to forming and maintaining habits is simplicity.

We understand the complexity behind those types of challenges, so we wanted to take a new spin on things by using the same principles of the lifestyle challenges you’re used to but making it easy, accessible and fun!

A simplicity challenge is meant to be just that–simple. These challenges help identify effortless ways to inspire simplicity and alleviate anxiety. Some successful simplicity challenges in recent years include:

These challenges are great ways to bring simplicity into your life. In fact, we were so inspired by them that we’re excited to share a simplicity challenge of our own in preparation for our National Simplicity Day celebration on July 12, 2022…so, say hello to Simplicity Bingo!

The challenge is simple: complete 12 ‘simplicity’ tasks during the month of June. Each task aligns with one of the four core areas of simplicity we’ve identified as the most impactful to us and our clients: space, finance, time, and health.

We’ve created a bingo board of 12 tasks–3 tasks for each of the 4 core areas of simplicity–and a few “Free Spaces” because we all deserve days of rest. Throughout the month, choose a day and task to complete at a pace and rhythm that works best for you and your schedule.

And when we say the tasks are simple, we really mean it! Who knows, maybe you are ahead of the game and already doing some on a regular basis!

For example, one day you could choose to focus on simplifying your space by decluttering your desk, and the next day you could simplify your finances by putting 3 monthly bills on autopay.

If you pledge to complete all 12 tasks between June 1st and June 30th, 2022, you’ll be entered to win a Simplicity Prize Pack from your friends here at Clarity. It’s truly that simple! The Simplicity Prize Pack includes free 1-year subscriptions to Instapaper, YNAB, 24me and MyFitnessPal to help you simplify the four core areas in your life.

Be on the lookout for the official Simplicity Bingo Board, contest details and how to enter in the coming month. We are looking forward to simplifying life with you!


At Clarity Benefit Solutions, we believe life is a journey; one that should be lived well. Our goal is to bring clarity into the challenging world of benefits and utilize technology to simplify benefit administration, reduce costs and empower our customers.

With a full suite of consumer benefits, we offer reliable solutions that ease pain points, provide clear direction, and lack unnecessary complexity. After all, simplicity is the key to living well. Simplicity is at the heart of our company and in the details of everything we do from championing National Simplicity Day to our Simply Smarter Approach to employee benefits. This mindset has led to thoughtful new ways for all of us to get the most out of our benefits and to ensure that people are ready for whatever comes their way.