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Ready for Life HSA
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The Ready For Life HSA for brokers offers all the benefits of a standard HSA, plus one supercharged advantage for your clients and their employees: A built-in payroll advance to cover unexpected medical expenses.

Ready For Life turns brokers into heroes

  • Stand out

    Show your clients that you’re always on the lookout for what’s next — and what can really help.

  • Solve a problem for your clients

    Ready For Life HSA is a welcome solution for clients who have HSA plans, but low participation.

  • A new reason to talk about HDHPs

    Ready For Life HSA makes HDHPs more attractive for your clients and their employees, giving you a fresh conversation starter.

How it works for employees

  1. The employee has a high-deductible health plan and decides to participate in the Ready For Life HSA. (Smart choice!)

  2. Life happens! The employee has a medical expense, but not enough money in their HSA to cover it.

  3. No reason to panic! All your employee has to do is swipe their Ready For Life Debit Card.

  4. Ready For Life kicks in with an instant, interest-free payroll advance funded by your company.

  5. The employee breathes a sigh of relief because the expense is covered without wiping out their bank account or using credit cards. The employee gets help in their moment of need, without needing to ask for it!

How we make it easy for employers

  1. The company decides how they want to use Ready For Life (advance amount, eligibility, and terms of repayment) and we automate the entire process.

  2. An employee’s Ready For Life Debit Card swipe initiates a payroll advance.

  3. Our HSA administration platform creates an employee paycheck deduction in your client’s payroll system, which makes payback a breeze.

  4. The advance is paid back through small payroll deductions that are manageable for the employee.

  5. Financial anxiety is eased, the employee is grateful, and your client basks in the glow of helping their people in a critical moment of need.

Standard HSAs don’t stack up to Ready For Life

Take a look at how Ready For Life HSA for brokers compares to a standard HSA and you can see the good things that can happen when you go the extra mile.

Standard HSA
Tax-free contributions, earnings, and distributions Yes
Platform of investment options Sometimes
Online bill pay, Ready For Life Debit Card, checkbook Yes
Rolls over year after year Yes
Portable from job to job Yes
Easy withdrawal of contributions Yes
Built-in payroll advance for unexpected expenses


Makes HSAs more attractive to employees


Makes HDHPs easier for employers to adopt


Helps employers show they go above and beyond


Shows you’re a broker who offers unique programs


Ready for Life puts your clients in control

The Ready For Life HSA works like an FSA, only better. Your clients can decide how much they want to advance their employees, who’s eligible, the terms of the payback, and what happens when an employee moves on. Employers help their employees in a critical time of need, are totally reimbursed for their loan (even if they leave the company), and eliminate the use-it-or-lose-it dilemma. Our HSA administration platform makes it simple to set up and easy to administer.

  • Boosts employee participation

    Ready For Life gives employees a new and compelling reason to participate in HSAs, and the benefit is explained in terms they can understand and appreciate.

  • Gives employers a new way to promote HSAs

    With its unique benefit and easy-to-grasp marketing materials, Ready For Life gives employers new tools to engage employees, increase HSA participation, and boost tax savings.

  • Helps make HDHPs happen

    By filling the gap between an employee’s HSA contribution and their deductible, Ready For Life makes HDHPs more attractive, enabling companies to save money.


Why your workers need

Ready For Life

The Ready For Life HSA isn’t just nice to have — in this healthcare climate, it’s increasingly necessary. Our white paper looks at the rise of high-deductible plans and makes a data-driven case for an HSA that bridges the gap between an employee’s HSA balance and their deductible.

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