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A one-of-a-kind Health Savings Account that protects you from unexpected healthcare costs.

Ready for Life HSA
When life happens,

we got your back.

Life wouldn’t be life without unexpected twists and turns. So the Ready For Life HSA for employees is made for the unpredictable. With a built-in payroll advance to cover your surprise healthcare costs. And all-the-time peace of mind. You’re not just covered — you’re confident you can keep expenses under control.

A totally non-boring explanation

We know benefit explanations can be a little hard to follow (okay, they’re usually unbearably dull). But it’s important to know how this stuff works, so bear with us as we explain why the Ready For Life HSA is awesome for employees.

HSAs are great

Healthcare in America is expensive, and if you have a high-deductible plan, you have to share in more of the costs. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a powerful way for you to put aside and invest pre-tax money that can be used to pay for medical expenses. It’s like a bank account for your medical, dental, and vision costs. HSAs are triple tax-advantaged — that means you can make pre-tax contributions; the interest you earn is tax-free; and your withdrawals for qualifying medical expenses are tax-free. By making regular contributions to your HSA, you can save for upcoming healthcare expenses and prepare for the future.

A health savings account (HSA) is a powerful pre-tax account that can be used to pay for current and future healthcare expenses. Here are the basics:

+ Contributions to an HSA plan are 100% deductible (up to the legal limit) — just like an IRA.
+ Unlike in an FSA plan, HSA savings roll over year after year.
+ HSA contribution amounts can be changed at any time during the year.

Employees with over $1,000 in their account can invest in a variety of mutual funds and money market accounts.

+ This year the HSA contribution limit is $3,400 for single participants and $6,750 for families.
+ Participants over age 55 can make an extra, catch-up contribution of $1,000.

The Ready For Life HSA plan can cover:

+ Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance
+ Prescription drugs
+ Dental services, including braces, bridges, and cleanings
+ Vision care, including glasses, contacts, and Lasik
+ Psychiatric and mental health services
+ Long-term care services
+ Much more

Until the unexpected happens

Kids fall off monkey bars. Spouses get sports injuries. And sometimes you need surprise surgery. When life happens, healthcare costs can pile up. Health Savings Accounts are a great way to put aside money for medical expenses, but there might be a gap between what you’ve saved and what you owe. So what do you do? Wipe out your bank account? Put it all on a credit card?

Ready For Life to the rescue

Ready For Life fills this financial gap with an instant, interest-free payroll advance from your employer. You don’t have to ask for help or worry where the money will come from — it’s ready the moment you need it so you don’t have to wait to take care of yourself and your family. It’s a welcome sense of relief to know that you can cover your health expenses without compromising your financial health.

Here’s how it works

  1. You, as an employee, elect to participate in the Ready For Life HSA. (Yay for you!)

  2. You have an unexpected medical expense, but not enough money in your HSA to cover it.

  3. Don’t panic! Ready For Life HSA kicks in with an instant, interest-free payroll advance funded by your employer.

  4. You use your Ready For Life Debit Card like normal and breathe a satisfying sigh of relief, knowing you don’t have to tap into your checking account or use high-interest credit cards.

  5. The advance is paid back through manageable, interest-free payroll deductions, usually around $25 to $50 per pay period.

  6. You get on with your life without worrying about being strapped for cash or paying lots of interest.

The bottom line: Your medical expenses are covered and you don’t have to use credit cards or wipe out your savings to cover healthcare costs.

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