Clarity Wage Parity

A simplified approach to Wage Parity compliance.

Clarity Wage Parity takes the headache out of complex benefit and wage calculations with tax-free consumer benefits that keep you in compliance while keeping employees happy and healthy.

What It Is


As of 2012, employers in New York City and surrounding areas must pay home care workers a living wage. The amount changes by county.  Clarity Benefit Solutions makes it easy and affordable for companies to comply with the Home Care Worker Wage Parity Act. 

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How It Works


According to the Home Care Worker Wage Parity Act, affected employers must pay a minimum base pay of $10.00 per hour to their employees. An additional amount of $3.00 - $4.09 per hour must also be paid either in wages, employer benefits, or a combination of the two. Clarity Benefit Solutions allows for those employer benefits to be automatically calculated and distributed via pre-tax consumer benefits. Employees get easy access to their money, and employers save time and money through our automated process.

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CLARITY Wage Parity Platform


A comprehensive benefit package designed to stretch your wage parity dollar  Clarity Benefit Solutions is offering an industry leading, efficient, compliant, and comprehensive Wage Parity package available for home health agencies and their employees in New York City and surrounding areas. Clarity helps your business save money while staying compliant.

Clarity makes it easy to comply with living wage and wage parity pay regulations. Clarity helps you to provide Aides with stronger benefits that meets their needs, has high utilization and reduces the payroll burden (FICA, Unemployment taxes) that come with providing additional cash wages.


Pre‐Tax Flexible Benefit Accounts


Employers can contribute up to $500 per year to each plan participant. This Medical Reimbursement Account enables employees to pay for unreimbursed medical, dental, and vision care. The IRS allows up to $500 of unused funds to be rolled over to the subsequent plan year. Employers can expand this offering if they wish to allow employees to contribute up to $2,700 into this account via a pre‐tax payroll deduction.

Employers can contribute up to $5,000 per year. This Account enables participants to pay for eligible child care and adult day care.

Employers can contribute up to $265 per month for mass transit and an additional $265 per month for work related parking.

Employers contribute into this account which enables participants to pay for their out‐of‐pocket dental and vision care expenses. There is no limit to what an employer can contribute this this account. This Account can be established with an annual roll‐over feature.

Employers can reimburse up to $100 per month to pay for employee’s cell phone bill so that employee/employer communication can occur.

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