Advantages of Implementing a Vaccine Compliance Program in Your Workplace


The workplace certainly saw its fair share of challenges as a result of the pandemic. Many companies are grappling with how to handle COVID-19 vaccination requirements and regulations.

Now as of November 4, 2021,  the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued the anticipated COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) requiring a fully vaccinated staff for employers with 100 or more employees. Those who are not vaccinated are required to submit negative test results on a weekly basis to continue their employment.

Validating vaccinations, exceptions and testings, as well as weekly reporting to OSHA, can be a heavy lift for HR teams. However, a vaccine compliance program can help ease the burden on HR. Here’s why employers impacted by the vaccine mandate should consider implementing a vaccine compliance program at their workplace.

Ensure vaccine compliance

Organizations subject to the OSHA Vaccine Mandate must take swift action to avoid hefty fines and ensure compliance. Penalties for repeated and willful violations of OSHA rules range from $9,753 to $136,532. 

A vaccine compliance program records and validates vaccines and testings, so employers remain compliant and stay current on all regulatory changes regarding the mandate. Employees submit proof of vaccination, exemption, and/or COVID test results and the vaccine compliance program manually verifies and confirms the accuracy of each submission. This keeps you on top of vaccine and testing status to ensure compliance.

Ease the administration burden on HR

Validating vaccinations, exemptions and weekly testing on top of regular job responsibilities is no easy task for HR departments. Employers can ease the burden on HR with a vaccine compliance program. For example, Clarity’s SimplyWell - Vaccine Compliance automates the entire vaccine compliance process with a user-friendly application. With this solution, employees can upload their proof of vaccination, proof of exemption and/or test results (and exemptions) to be confirmed. It provides both automated and real-time reporting so employers can stay in good standing with OSHA while also knowing the real-time status of their employees. 

A simply smarter way to record and validate vaccination status, or COVID-19 test results

With Clarity’s SimplyWell - Vaccine Compliance, we can manage the entire process for you with a user-friendly application, in-house document verification, and automated reporting. This helps take the burden off of HR and ensures your organization remains compliant. Contact us today to learn more about our SimplyWell - Vaccine Compliance program.