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A Simply Smarter Way to Reward Your Employees and Get Back to the Office

The workplace and our industry have certainly seen their fair share of challenges recently. Employees are looking for more flexibility, more work-life balance and overall, more understanding and empathy towards their needs.

As our world returns to normal, companies are now faced with the challenge of implementing inclusive return-to-work policies that fit all their employees’ needs and ensure the safety and satisfaction of their workforce while still meeting their business goals.  

So how do employers build a return-to-work plan that will benefit everyone? The answer lies in their approach. Clarity SimplyWell Rewards helps employers accelerate the safe reopening of their offices by providing an incentive in the form of a monetary reward rather than a mandate.

  • Giving employees a reward rather than a mandate helps increase vaccine adoption and increase the number of employees willing to return to the office 
  • Knowing your company promotes a culture of health and wellness will ease employee concern about returning to work and improve morale
  • Providing a way for employees to share proof of vaccination will allow you to easily understand the percentage of vaccinated employees 
  • Encouraging vaccinations could also reduce absences due to illness

How it Works


Connect Verify Reward




Getting started is easy. Simply provide Clarity with a list of your employees and determine the award amount you want to offer – we do the rest. Employees submit digital proof (upload a photo of a CDC vaccine card, vaccination records, or signed doctor’s note) and each submission is verified.

Your employees receive a
Clarity Benefit Card loaded
with their reward.



What Makes Our EMPLOYEE Reward Program SOLUTION Different? 

We have deep experience managing consumer benefits, by applying


Easy Administration

No complicated annual contracts, no stacks of paperwork. Implementation is a breeze, so you can “set it and forget it.”



Customizable Options

You pick the amount you want to reward based on your goals. Works for companies of any size.



Two Reward Options

Employees will receive a Clarity Benefit Card with the reward amount pre-loaded. If the employee is a current Clarity participant, the amount will be loaded to their existing Clarity Benefit Card.

Option 1: Clarity will put the reward amount into a 139 covid relief account. These funds can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard (except Walmart and CVS) for expenses like delivery costs for groceries or food, temporary housing, OTC medicines, tutoring expenses, home office equipment, etc. 

Option 2: Clarity will put the reward amount into a lifestyle account that can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard (except Walmart and CVS).

It is the employer’s responsibility to determine any potential tax liability...



Fully Compliant

If it’s a voluntary program, you are allowed to strongly encourage your employees to get a vaccine. Incentives are okay if the rewards are under $200 and you offer reasonable alternatives for those unable to get the vaccine for medical or religious reasons.

We also guarantee full compliance with HIPAA and various international health and privacy laws, including European Union’s Directive on Data Protection, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).



Connected to Your Existing Clarity Plans

If you are an existing Clarity Participant, the vaccine reward will be automatically added to your Clarity Benefit Card. Reward funds will be placed in a separate account so participants can use those funds to cover any expenses. 



Pulse Survey

Prebuilt "Reopening Survey" allows employers to proactively gauge how comfortable employees are about returning to the office. Employees can anonymously provide their input through the platform in less than five minutes.  


We make it simple to begin

From day one, you have the support of dedicated specialists who can answer your questions and guide you through your options so your clients can make the best decision for their company as they try to understand what the new workplace will look like.

Throughout every stage of our partnership and for every solution we offer, we deliver Clarity to your benefits program.

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